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In 2011 internet service provider Ziggo invited Philips Design to assist in envisioning its move from being a broadcast only business to a consumer first organization by developing a roadmap to help ensure its future relevance and success.

A more detailed description of the project can be found here: Ziggo media provider, The next generation user experience

"The six-month project was a valuable experience for Ziggo and Philips Design Consulting with both operating as one team, securing senior leadership buy in. For Philips Design Consulting it was also an opportunity to gain greater understanding into how digitization was impacting other markets, such as media, which was ahead of Consumer Electronics and Healthcare" Philips Design Consulting

Project information

  • Date 2011
  • ClientZiggo
  • LocationUtrecht, Netherlands

Our role

Whilst Design Director Innovation and Strategic Design at Philips Design

Creative Direction of the 4D design approach - discover, define, design and deliver

Building the team with Ziggo and guiding the innovation process, developing new tools and leading the Philips Design core team of strategic designers and research specialists during the discover, define and design phases.

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