Customer Centricity Strategy Workshop

  • Customer Centricity Strategy Workshop
  • Customer Centricity Strategy Workshop
  • Customer Centricity Strategy Workshop


A Strategic Futures workshop designed for the Senior Leadership Team of a global brand. We helped our clients to make sense of shifts happening in their own industry as well as developments in adjacent industries likely to impact them in terms of business development and market transformation. 

An additional facet was custom designed to facilitate the desire for a strategic shift from world class engineering towards a customer centric business strategy. We simultaneously explored possible future scenarios, how these may impact their company and suppported the leadership team to identify a future plan with actionable tactics.

Working in a partnership with Summ()n we developed a complete package for both the design and the project management of a 3 day SLT off-site session. This was concluded with the delivery of results as input for a subsequent SLT strategy planning session.

A round of pre-interviews with all participants ensured that the program was designed to fit the teams context and requirements. A large body of trends and case study content was gathered and processed along with the development of a custom agenda and work session toolkit. We also arranged an inspiring location and additional activities to keep the creative energy flowing through an intensive programme.

Project information

  • Date 2014
  • Clientanon
  • LocationGermany

Our role

Interview Senior Leadership Team

Design of custom workshop agenda 

Trends research and tool development

Customer Centricity research and tool development

Full package facilitation of Strategy workshop

Delivery of workshop summary results