An overview of key events, presentations and publications, with links provided to related video's, documents and websites


  • GOTO Amsterdam

    International Software Development Conference

    Presentation: Connected Worlds Track: Internet of Things: Smart Products, Smart Places but most of all Smart People

  • Internet of Things | Utrecht

    Conference Chair

    Internet of Things, The incubators of value creation and innovation

  • Internet of Things Asia 2016 | Singapore

    Design Applications Conference Track Chair

    Conference Theme: Closing the Gap: From Vision to Reality

  • Seminar: Cities, Light,Technology | Eindhoven

    Panel: Technology and Light at the 5th Configuring Light ESRC Seminaar

    Light is a powerful material and as such has moved centre stage in discussions around new technologies and ‘smart cities’. Emerging innovations in lighting are opening up new challenges within urban planning and design. Thus, lighting is a very good case study for exploring developments in new, responsive digital technologies.

  • MakerClub | Making New Light Forms

    MakerClub Kids Workshop 

    Together with MU Play&Learn @GLOWnext | Creative workshop for the future generation, coding with Dash and Dot Robots, 3D Printpens and LittleBits Electronics

  • Deloitte Privacy with a View | Zaandam

    Break-out Session: Internet of Things: Smart places, Smart products, Smart people; but who can you trust?

  • Eneco SmartHome Day | Dutch Design Week

    Presentation: Internet of Things: Smart Products, Smart Homes but most of all Smart People

  • Eindhoven Internet of Things Meetup | Dutch Design Week

    Organisation and Presentation: The Internet of Things Future is Today

  • IoT Shifts Conference | Barcelona

    PresentationInternet of Things and “the paradigm shift of all paradigm shifts”

  • Hackathon for Diversity: Todos Includes | Barcelona

    PresentationInternet of Things: Smart Products, Smart Places but most of all Smart People, Organised by Telefonica and Girls in Tech in Barcelona, Spain

  • Leren in Brainport | Eindhoven

    Workshop: Joining MU Creative Coding. Workshop and demonstation with Dash and Dot Robots, RaspberryPi Computer with KanoOS, Scratch and Minecraft Coding

  • KPN Data Centre Opening | Eindhoven

    Presentation: The Internet of Things in the future Smart City of Eindhoven

  • Smart City Lighting Event | Eindhoven

    Interactive Talk: If Light Could Fly… Smart Lighting scenarios for the future. How is technology changing our experiences? Life in the “digital now”

    • Creating future scenarios
    • Designing customer experiences
    • Understanding the impact of Smart
    • Networked nnovation as a principle
    • The Internet of Things
  • Deloitte Executive Breakfast Ladies Only, Amsterdam

    Presentation: Internet of Things: anytime, anyplace, anyone, anything… Why the Internet of Things is important to you and your business

  • Internet of Things Asia 2015 | Singapore

    Design Panel Moderator: Enhancing the Experience of a Connected World

    Innovation Panel Moderator: Seeding Innovation in Industry with IoT  

  • M2M Now: How women are impacting the Internet of Things

    Publication: Lorna Goulden was one of the women interviewed by Anna Vega as she discovers how women are contributing to the Internet of Things (IoT)

    for M2M Now Magazine.

  • 1st Prize Auroralia Award

    1st Prize Auroralia Award : The LED project, part of the Light-S innovation program at Strijp-S, was presented with the 1st prize by the the award organisers LUCI at the Lyon Fesitval of Light. LED Magazine

    The award is given to projects that not only significantly reduce energy consumption but have a positive social impact for the well-being of the local population.

  • The Internet of Things and The Role of Design | Dutch Design Week

    WorkshopJoin the dialogue on the Role of Design, news ways of thinking required and new approaches to creating Value from The Internet of Things.

    During Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven

  • Digital Health Factory | Dutch Design Week

    Make the Future: Young inventors are invited to experiment, play, and discover how aspects of digital technology can be transformed into future Digital Health ideas. 

    During Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven

  • Internet of Things Event | Eindhoven

    Presentation : Internet of Things innovation and business development 

  • Internet of Things Asia 2014 | Singapore

    Conference workshopA strategy and toolkit to guide Internet of Things innovation and business development

    An interactive session to present Internet of Things adopters with an approach, tools and templates to inspire innovation and guide implementation in the Internet of Things domain. 

  • Internet of Things Asia 2014 | Singapore

    Conference panelSmart Cities Forum

  • Internet of Things

    Workshop: Internet of Things: Business Development Workshop

    An interactive workshop developed to address the questions of innovation managers and Business developers on the topic of the Internet of Things:

    What does the Internet of Things mean for my business?

    What are the main opportunities we should be considering?

    How do we get started with the Internet of Things?

    Organised together with: Incredible Machine, TNO and KvK

  • Interaction14 | Amsterdam

    Conference presentation: If light could fly

    Smarter cities: Tales from a living lab, re-defining the urban language to create an innovative public lighting experience

  • GLOW-Next Seminaar | Eindhoven

    Presentation: If light could fly

    GLOW NEXT is for those among you who dare to leap, and explore new ground. 

  • The Great Outdoors Of Design: GOOD'13

    Participant: GOOD Afternoon

    Changing perspectives on innovation and transition

  • Hermes Partnership Meeting

    Presentation: The Internet of Things: moving beyond technology towards user experience and new business models

  • Verbindend Syntens Internet of Things

    Presentation: The Internet of Things from a design and a business perspective

  • IGOV Knowledge Cafe

    Inter-Municipal Consultation Public Lighting

    Presentation: Strijp-S: The Future Begins Now

  • Internet of Things Event | Eindhoven

    Seminar: Smart Cities as Living Lab

  • Rotterdam School of Management

    Global OneMBA14 European Residency

    Presentation: Creating innovation in Europe: The role of government in the innovation chain

  • Light Challenge

    Masterclass: Light, prototyping and materials

  • Dutch Design Week Goes Digital

    Presentation: Accelerating the roadmap towards an Internet of Things

  • TedXAmsterdam Women

    Presentation: The Internet of Things

  • Light Challenge

    Masterclass: Creating a Public Experience

  • GIO Award

    Recognition Good Industrial Design: Category "Public Design and Traffic"

    Strijp:S: Creating a Public Lighting Experience

  • A Web of Light

    Expert Meeting: Strijp-S: Better Living in Sustainable Streets (pdf)

  • iF Award

    Category "Advanced studies"

    Strijp-S: Creating a Public Lighting Experience

  • LAUNCH Council: The Internet of Things | Brussels

    Workshop: Accelerating the roadmap to an Internet of Things @ Home