ThingsCon 2015

  • ThingsCon 2015

Design the future with Internet of Things

The Internet of things has a major impact on how we live our lives in our house and the city. But how do you design this future? Visit ThingsCon on December 4th and participate! Be inspired by the best designers and creators of the new connected world and products.

ThingsCon is a conference about the future of the hardware business, with a special focus on the Internet of Things and the design of new products and services that combine software and hardware. ThingsCon 2015 will take place in the Volkshotel in Amsterdam.

Adventurous designers, whizzkids and IoT pioneers from across the world come together for a series of hands-on workshops, intimate sessions and an international line-up of top notch speakers cover everything it takes to grow a hardware product from prototype to scaling business.

For the plenary program we have the following speakers:

  • Claire Rowland, author of the O’Reilly book ‘Design for Connected Products’
  • Matt Cottam, CEO van Tellart, known for controversial projects such as Chrome Web lab at the Science Museum of London.
  • Martijn Thé, software engineer at Pebble and closely involved in the design issues of the smart watch
  • Vadik Marmeladov, creator and art-director of the famous Lapka sensor-kit, a company that now is acquired by AirBnB.

Besides a program full of cutting-edge keynotes, ThingsCon will also provide in-depth sessions focused on exchange (and specialization).

Several hands-on workshops and in-depth masterclasses are organized, such as crafty robots, creative tech in a corporate environment, haptic interactions and mediated touch, IoT engineering, speculative design and Thingclash (tools to think more clearly about how we create a livable IoT future) There also is an extensive demo area where you can make your own Internet of Things Sinterklaas surprise!



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